How much does it cost to install double glazing into my static caravan , This is a question we get asked every day and this all depends on a few things .

  • How many double glazing windows do you need.
  • How many double glazed doors do you need .
  • Do you require a profile colour , white is the cheapest .
  • How many openers do you want , fixed windows are the cheapest then full openers are the most common .
  • What glass is requires in your new double glazing windows , frosted , clear or toughened.
  • Distance , how far is your static caravan from our depot to cost in for travelling time .

So as you can see its not just a matter all installations are the same , for this exercise we will assume your static caravan has 11 windows and 1 full glass door  in the while profile and the installation is local .

We would send out a quotation for around £2700 in vat for this type of installation .

The cost of installing static caravan double glazing windows and doors could increase depending on your requirements you may for instance want a fancy door panel or leaded glass this will add to the cost of the installation , we will be happy to send you a free quotation on your new slimline static caravan double glazing windows and doors .


how much does it cost to install static caravan double glazing

Installing new replacement double glazing windows and doors to your caravan will reduce condensation on the glass, reduce your heating bills and generally increase the comfort in your caravan throughout the colder and warmer months of the year, its becoming very popular with static caravan owners as another option rather than upgrading to a new static caravan.


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