Static Caravan Double Glazing Windows

Not All windows are the same, take a look at the difference!

Static caravan double glazing windows

  • Slim line caravan double glazing.

  • Reduce condensation, Heat loss and Noise.

  • Increase, security comfort and length of season.

  • Made to measure for a perfect fit.

  • Fitted in just one day.

All our caravan windows are made for the caravan industry there slim line design fits perfectly into the narrow sidewalls of static caravans and park homes

All our static caravan double glazing windows and park home double glazing windows are made to measure to ensure a nice snug fit.

A normal installation of windows would take around a day to complete and this would be to install 8-10 windows and 2 doors.

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static caravan slim line double glazing

Our windows are fitted with 28mm double glazed sealed units, most other companies install 20 mm units into there windows.

The wider the double glazed unit the warmer they are and the less chance of condensation.

our static caravan double glazing windows have Espag locking systems

All our windows have high security espag locking systems

which have 2 locking points and are operated from one handle, the locking system is installed inside the window sash, which is much more secure, than the standard two cockspur handles that lock against the frame which are offered by most other companies.

Our windows can also be locked in the night vent position

(Slightly open) which is great for those hot summer nights,  and also if pets are kept in the caravan this allows constant ventilation, and the windows are locked for security , windows with cockspur locking handles offered by most other companies  do not have this facility.

our static caravan double glazing windows are fitted with a foam gasket

All our caravan double glazing windows are installed without the use of sealants, we use a special foam gasket that when compressed against the sidewall of the caravan is completely water tight.  By using this system there is no need for silicone sealants that after a couple of years start to discolour, and also the use of a foam gasket allows for the movement in the caravan structure during hot, cold and windy conditions.

static caravan double glazing

Our windows are fixed from the inside of the caravan with aluminum brackets, these brackets also form a cover between the window and the existing frame to finish off the inside of the window ,along with plastic corner trims.

Our windows are fitted without the use of screws and sealants and are the latest static caravan double glazing system to be used by some of the large static caravan manufacturers.

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Leaded Glass

If you fancy something a bit different to stand out from the rest, then why not have a leaded / bevelled glass design fitted to the fan lights or doors. We offer the full range of Regalead designs please click on the link below to view brochure.

Regalead Design Brochure Click Here

double glazing for static caravans
double glazing for static caravans
double glazing for static caravans

Windows styles..

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Full Opening – Top Opener Over Fixed – Side Opener next to Fixed – 3 Part Bay Window

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