Static Caravan Double Glazing Windows

Not All windows are the same, take a look at the difference!

  • Best system on the market.

  • Slim line caravan double glazing.

  • Reduce condensation & heat loss.

  • Increase length of season.

  • Increase, security  & comfort.

  • Made to measure for a perfect fit.

  • Fitted in just one day.

  • Long written guarantee.

  • 100s of great reviews from customers.

All our caravan windows are made for the leisure industry there slim line design fits perfectly into the narrow sidewall construction of static caravans and residential park homes.

Our slimline double glazing windows and doors are a not the same as other systems on the market, we believe our system is currently the best on the market, fitted with the very latest technology like high security locking systems, wider 28mm double glazed units and internally glazed frames for extra security take a look below at some of the industry leading features of our windows and doors.  

Our windows and doors also come in a range of great colours check our profile colour range .

A normal installation of windows and doors for a static caravan would take around a day to complete and this would be to install 8-10 windows and 2 doors, park homes would normally take 2-3 days depending on the internal finish you require.

Not all caravan windows are the same..

Wider glass units..

static caravan 28 mm double glazed units

28mm double glazed units

Our windows are fitted with the very latest 28mm wide double glazed units for better performance against heat loss, reduced noise and condensation most other companies fit thin 20 mm units into there windows as its cheaper but has less performance and in the long run will be less cost effective.

The wider the double glazed unit the the better the performance against heat loss and condensation.

Great internal finish ..

static caravan 28 mm double glazed units

Internal window trims

Our windows are fitted with a white powder coated aluminium bar around the inside of the window along with decorative corner caps , this bar secures the windows in place and also give the inside a high quality finish.

Not all caravan windows have the internal bars some companies use slimline house windows be sure to ask what your getting ..

Our Windows..

foam gasket seal on static caravan windows

 We use foam gaskets around our windows & doors 

All our windows and doors are installed without the use of sealants, we use a special foam gasket that when compressed against the sidewall of the home is completely water tight, by using this method there is no need for the use of silicone sealants. Using a foam gasket allows for the movement in the caravan structure during hot, cold and windy conditions it also gives a nice clean finish for years to come. 

Other Windows..

silicone sealants on static caravan windows

 We don’t use silicone sealants.. 

quite a few companies still use silicone to seal around there windows and doors as its cheaper and quicker as there is no need to spend time cleaning the old mastic off the side of the home, the problem with this method is the mastic soon turns dirty and if cheap silicone is used can turn mouldy. Silicone has very limited movement and will normally crack as the caravan expands/contracts with temperature changes and also the movement during windy condition, this could lead to the windows to potentially leaking late down the line.

Our Windows..

high security multi point locking static caravan windows

 Multi-point locking system

All our windows are fitted with modern multi-point locking down the length of the window, this creates an even compression on the weather seal as it pulls the sash in at multiple points making an air tight seal around the window sash, multi-point locking has better security and increased energy performance compared to cheap cockspur locking offered by other companies.

Other Windows..

cockspur-window-handle-on caravan double glazing

 Cockspur handles

This is a traditional caravan window locking system with single or double handle options.
using this cheap system leads to lower compression on the weather seal towards the corners of the window sash, which means draughty windows
this system offers less security and reduced energy performance.

Our Windows..

internall glazed static caravan double glazing windows

 Internally glazed, Best on the market..

All our windows and doors are internally glazed for added security, this means the double glazed glass units are installed from the inside and so to remove the glass you have to be inside the property we are the only company to have this in a lightweight slimline caravan system.

Internally glazed windows are more secure than externally glazed windows.

Other Windows..

externally glazed static caravan double glazing windows

Externally glazed windows.. 

Externally glazed caravan windows are very common and some installers still use this type of window system for caravans, externally glazed means the glazing beads that secure the glass in are on the outside,  this means that the glass can also be removed from the window from the outside simply by removing the external beads and popping the glass out. Very easy to break into and not very secure, you will be glad to know our windows and doors are internally glazed for extra security.

Take a look at some of our recent installations

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