Static caravan double glazing installation in Porthcawl South Wales…

Static installations in Trecco Bay Porthcawl

Here is one of our installations of  static caravan double glazing windows fitted to a Willerby Westmoreland caravan sited at Trecco Bay, Porthcawl in South Wales, we install static caravan double glazing windows and doors all over South Wales, and have carried out installations in most of the local caravan parks in popular areas like , Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Barry, Abergavenny, Bridgend and Neath.

We cover most parts of England and Wales.  


static caravan double glazing Porthcawl , South Wales
Static caravan double glazing south Wales

We fit the best replacement static caravan double glazing windows and doors on the market, our windows are fitted with the industry standard 28 mm glazing units,  which means you are getting the best performance against, heat loss, noise and eliminating most condensation, our frames also have high security  multi point locking which can be locked in the night vent position (slightly open) , this is great for extra ventilation at night when the windows are locked.

We Install throughout the Bridgend area and have carried out installations in most of the local caravan parks in popular areas like, Cardiff, Barry, Swansea, Newport and the Brecon Beacons  we also install in most other parts of England and Wales .

Upgrading your old windows and doors to new slimeline double glazing is a great cost effective upgrade to any static caravan or park home , all static caravans can be fitted with new replacement double glazing windows and doors regardless of the make model or how old it is.

Installing new slimline double glazing reduces condensation, heating costs, draughts and noise , and also make your caravan more comfortable during the colder months, plus they will look great giving your static caravan or park home a modern look.

 This is a Willerby Westmoreland static caravan , we have installed new slimline double glazing replacement windows and doors to most the brands of  caravans like  Cosalt Caravans, Willerby , Abi, Carnaby, Swift, Atlas, , Pemberton, Regal, Delta and Bk bluebird caravans.

Call us for a free no obligation quotation in South Wales, Newport , Cardiff and Swansea.

Moulded internal door capping..

We have a moulded internal door capping for a great internal finish.. we are the only company with a moulded internal capping on the doors for a great finish other companies stick on white flat plastic trims that are generally used for domestic windows very poor quality finish.

28mm Double glazed units..

We use 28mm double glazed units in our windows, we are the only company with a specially designed caravan window system that has 28mm double glazed units other companies use the thinner 24mm or 20 mm units in their windows. 28mm double glazed units are better for sound and thermal insulation than that of the 20mm 0r 24mm units, you will also get less condensation with the wider units.

Internally glazed windows & Doors..

Our windows and doors are internally glazed that means the glass cannot be removed from the outside of the caravan. Other companies use externally glazed windows meaning the glass could be removed from the frames from the outside, not very secure.

High security locking systems..

All our windows are fitted with high security espag multipoint locking systems, we are the only company to have this type of system in a dedicated slimline caravan system , using the espag locking system creates an even compression all round the window on the weather seal to stop the draughts.

The espag locking system is also far better for security than the cheap cockspur locking handles offered by other companies.

No Mastic..

We don’t use mastic on our installation we use a foam gasket to seal between the caravan and the window-door frames, no more dirty mastic.

Guarantee & Reviews..

All our installations come with a long written guarantee , and we also have 100s of great trusted reviews on google , and free index for all our customers to look at.

moulded decoratove caps
internal trims
high security
28mm double glazed
caravan door locks
moulded decorative capping

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