External vinyl cladding on a residential park home


This is a recent installation of external vinyl cladding fitted to a residential park home , the customer had wicker vinyl cladding along with 25 mm insulation boards applied to the external walls under the cladding .

Fitting the new external vinyl cladding certainly has given this park home a fresh new look.


Park home vinyl Cladding
park home Cladding Installation
park home external cladding
Park home cladding installation
Park home external cladding
Park home external cladding
Park home external cladding
Cladding for Park Homes

External vinyl cladding for static caravans & park homes.

We install external vinyl cladding for park homes and static caravans throughout England and Wales, we can transform the look of your home and also increase the wall insulation at the same time.

If  you are looking to upgrade and change the look or your static caravan or residential park home and increase the wall insulation,  external vinyl cladding is a great cost effective choice and is available in a range of great colours to suit most requirements.

Insulating your Static Caravan or Park Home.

A typical installation of vinyl cladding would involve fitting timber 25mm x 50 mm treated battens every 400mm to the front back and sides then fit superfoil  insulation over the battens leaving an air space behind for maximum performance of the foil insulation , we then install the external vinyl cladding over the top .

We offer two types of insulation 4mm double foil insulation as standard or you can upgrade to 25mm insulation boards which are fitted between the battens , we normally fit  quinn therm  or equivalent products.

Energy Saving combined with Double Glazing.

Installing new external vinyl cladding to static caravans and residential park homes has now becoming a very popular and cost effective upgrade, its looks modern and if fitted with our energy efficient slimline double glazing it will be more energy efficient saving you money on heating bills.

External Cladding is a great upgrade.

External Vinyl cladding is extremely popular for renovating and prolonging the lifespans of residential park homes and static caravans. Adding insulation to all external areas where needed and bringing the home back to life with a brand new look and even change of colour if required. This along with new slimline  double glazing windows and doors it’s like owning a brand new static caravan or residential park home at a small % of buying brand new.


A normal installation would typically take around 3 days to complete and 4 days if we are installing new double glazed windows and doors at the same time.

 We install external vinyl cladding for static caravans all over England and Wales call us for a free quotation.


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